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Many people ask us how one should imagine this, but what we just say is that there are some things that cannot be described by words — they must be experienced. Some cute installations have also been placed into the free-to-visit adventure confectionery shop, as no one can go home from us without some trendy selfies!

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During the opening hours, from You can buy tickets only at the entrance! Name: required. E-mail: required. Part 3 The White House has been keeping an eye on the selfie president ever since he was photographed with a baseball player who had a deal to promote a Korean smartphone.

Unfortunately for the US congressman Anthony Weiner, there was no such advice available. His habit of photographing his private parts , which he sent as selfies to women, meant he was soon out of the picture. The scandal killed Weiner's political career.

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Todd Fassler from California ended up in hospital after he found a rattlesnake. And guess what? Yes, you get the picture - he tried to take a selfie with it. The animal wasn't keen on the idea - and bit him. Part 4 Why do we take so many selfies? We all like the idea of being sort of in control of our image and getting attention, being noticed, being part of the culture. There's a sense that if we're not seen, then we're invisible.

You can get that exacerbated by celebrity culture that says unless you're being noticed, you're no one," says Dr Apter. But many believe the photographic self-portrait started much earlier. The first one was taken in by Robert Cornelius, an amateur chemist from Philadelphia.

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Attach your camera to it, and it will follow your every move. Does it sound exciting to you? Are you ready for your closeup? It's not good for the US president's image to appear to be advertising a particular commercial product. Question 1 of 7. Question 2 of 7. Question 3 of 7. Question 4 of 7. Question 5 of 7. Question 6 of 7. Question 7 of 7.

How do “selfies” impact adolescents' well-being and body confidence? A narrative review

That's it for this session. This time he's looking at link verbs. See you there! Latest course content. English at Work intermediate Business. The Teachers' Room For Teachers. Unit Me, my selfie and I The definite article. Open unit selector Close unit selector Unit 16 Me, my selfie and I Select a unit 1 Pop-ups 2 Hidden talents 3 Can't buy me love 4 Travellers' tales 5 The colleague from hell 6 Jurassic mystery: unpacking the past 7 Career changes 8 Art 9 Project management 10 The dog ate my homework! Sessions Vocabulary reference Grammar reference.

Session 3 Can you get through a day without taking a picture of yourself? Sessions in this unit 1 2 3 4 5. Activity 1.

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Activity 1 Crazy about selfies. Read the text and complete the activity. Crazy about selfies quiz 7 Questions Are you the king or queen of the selfie quiz?

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Find out now! Begin activity. Help Close. Activity Are you the king or queen of the selfie quiz?

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  8. Hint Read Part 1 carefully. Continue the activity. Question 1 of 7 Help. Which famous picture has made taking selfies more popular?