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In the age of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, offenders are increasingly taking to social media to convey threats, but in the most disturbing cases estranged parents have instructed children to pass on death threats to their mother or father. This is understandably harmful to the child and the recipient parent and the seriousness of such an offence is reflected in sentencing.

Germany: Lawyer pursing neo-Nazis got death threats

In Western Australia, the offence of making a threat to kill carries a maximum penalty of imprisonment for seven years. In a case where the threat to kill is racially motivated, the maximum penalty is 14 years.

Top 10 Vegan Gains death threats & violent outbursts

A person may be found guilty of making a threat to kill whether the threat was express or implied. The test for whether something constitutes a threat is an objective test.

It is unusual for a threat to kill to be the only offence with which a person is charged. If you are charged with making a threat to kill, it would be prudent for you to discuss the circumstances that surround your case with a lawyer to determine whether there are defences available to you. Defences that may be open to an accused charged with making a threat to kill include duress, wrongful identification and an absence of intention that the threat be taken seriously.

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If you need legal advice please contact Go To Court Lawyers. He's not one of them crazy people out there doing stuff.

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  • Germany: Lawyer pursing neo-Nazis got death threats.
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He shouldn't be treated as though he's a terrorist or something because he made a silly statement on a stupid video game. Police said it was later discovered he did not have a weapon. The FBI also said it found extremist postings linked to him. He also faces drug and property damage charges.

Germany: Lawyer pursing neo-Nazis got death threats

Children who have made serious threats must be carefully supervised while awaiting professional intervention. Immediate evaluation and appropriate ongoing treatment of youngsters who make serious threats can help the troubled child and reduce the risk of tragedy.

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