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But Anthony Mututua is a rare vegetarian. Extinction Rebellion protester delays flight Jump to media player The flight was about to take off from London City Airport when the man refused to resume his seat. The Maitatsine uprising led to eleven days of violent clashes with state security forces in Kano in December A tribunal of inquiry set up by the federal government in found that 4, people were killed in the violence, excluding members of the police force who lost their lives.

He was renowned as the most distinguished Islamic savant in Nigeria during the s. He also argued that Nigeria should become an Islamic state. His speeches and ideas radicalized many Muslims in Nigeria. The burning of eight prominent churches in Kano by Muslims in October signaled the beginning of a religious war. According to a government tribunal, the dastardly act was precipitated by two things. Firstly, Kano was predominantly an Islamic city were the growing influence of Christianity was a constant worry for Muslims.

Secondly, the tribunal argued that the radical Islamic literature imported from Iran motivated the Muslims to start the fighting. It has pitted Muslims against Christians and has seen clashes between different Islamic sects. Notably, violent conflicts, be it riots or fighting between insurrectional groups and members of the police, tends to occur at specific flashpoints.

Examples are the northern cities of Kaduna and Zaria, whose populations are religiously and ethnically very mixed, and the very poor states of the far northeast, where anti-establishment groups have flourished. Sadly, the authorities have still not prosecuted members of the police and military for the unlawful killing of more than people during the sectarian violence in Jos, Plateau state, nor have they brought to book soldiers who massacred more than people in Benue State in UNDP The huge territorial, population, and economic power disparities between these regions quickly proved politically ruinous.

The differences in the level of social and economic development of northern Nigeria, relative to the two other ethnically based regions, are of particular concern in this article.

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The British assumed that there would be no discrepancy between political and economic powers that could not be easily tackled by the established federal structure. For that year, the total regional revenues exclusive of federal allocations were accounted for by: the West, In regard to national aggregate of collected taxes, the percentages were as follows: West, These figures were substantiated by educational enrolment figures.

For higher education in , Northerners made up 8 percent of total student population compared to 48 percent for the East, 5 percent for Lagos, and 39 percent for the West. As for the poverty index in Nigeria, the poorest five states are all situated in the northern areas. In addition, the trends in the two types of poverty presented in Table 3 shows that while a significant decrease in the core poor population and a decrease in the moderately poor population to some extent are observed in every southern zone, the core poor increased in the north central zone, and the moderately poor increased in every northern zone.

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Nigeria, National Bureau of Statistics The extent of relative poverty and inequality in northern Nigeria has led some scholars and organizations to argue that socioeconomic deprivation is fueling violence and militancy in the region. Mix this situation with radical Islam, which promises a better life for martyrs, and you can understand the growing violence in the north.

Economic decline has hastened the process of national disintegration, and vice versa. This is because they fail to explain why some poor people or places do not participate in violence, and Downloaded by [the Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford] at 19 January because they offer very little in the way of clear recommendation for policymakers. For example, Krieger and Meierriek examine a host of possible influences on terrorism including global order, contagion, modernization, institutional order, identity conflict, inter alia.

Unfortunately, government complicity in religious matters has often fanned the flames of religious tensions. During his tenure as president, for example, Ibrahim Babangida — unilaterally registered Nigeria as a full-fledged member of the Organization of Islamic Countries OIC. Anchored on the core values and goals of the OIC, membership of the organization is underpinned by a commitment to the advancement of Islam. Following a chorus of disapproval by Christians, the issue of Nigerian membership in the OIC was put on hold.

This decision, however, precipitated a series of religious disturbances in the north, beginning with the March clash in Ilorin between Muslims and Christians and the May clash between Christian and Muslim students at Uthman Dan Fodio University in Sokoto. Zamfara State was the first northern state to introduce Sharia as the supreme law of the land.

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This led to violent religious confrontations in February between Christians and Muslims as attempts were made to implement the Sharia law. Agbiboa because of the results of local government election that were viewed by the voters as unfavorable to some people in Jos North Local Government Area. These variables laid the foundation for the emergence and violent campaign of Boko Haram, which we consider next. Boko Haram Explained Since Boko Haram, yet another religious extremist group from northern Nigeria, has been responsible for more violence than any other armed group in Nigeria.

This region came to form part of the Ottoman Empire in the sixteenth century. Boko Haram was led by Yusuf until he was killed by Nigerian security forces just after the sectarian violence in July that killed over people see Table 1. Yusuf established a religious complex in his hometown that Downloaded by [the Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford] at 19 January included a mosque and a school where many poor families from across Nigeria and from neighbouring countries enrolled their children. However, the centre had ulterior political goals and soon it was also working as a recruiting ground for future jihadists to fight the state.

The group was able to attract more than , members across northern Nigeria as well as in Chad and Niger Republic. Their anger has been translated into a religious idiom.

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The current system is contrary to true Islamic beliefs. Hence, for their aim to be achieved, all institutions represented by government including security agencies like police, military and other uniformed personnel should be crushed. Members of Boko Haram refused to obey this law. Following this crackdown, the group mobilized its members for reprisal attacks which led to the death of several policemen and civilians.

The riot Downloaded by [the Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford] at 19 January was temporarily quelled after Nigerian forces captured and killed the Boko Haram leader, Yusuf, and roughly 1, Boko Haram members.

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Boko Haram resurfaced in with more advanced tactics and devastating attacks, as was demonstrated in the bombing of the police headquarters in Abuja in June and the UN building in August For many Boko Haram members, the extrajudicial killing of their founder served to foment pre-existing animosities toward the Nigerian gov- ernment and its security forces. Demands and Overriding Goal Among the proximate demands of Boko Haram are the release of all its prisoners and the prosecution of those responsible for the killing of their founder.

Such demands pitted the group against the Nigerian state and its security forces. In , the group launched hundreds of attacks against police officers, Christians, and Muslims who allegedly cooperate with the government or op- pose the group. Some scholars have argued that the potent cocktail of political corruption, poverty, and youth unemployment in northern Nigeria fuels Boko Haram members and their supporters.

We will not respect the Nigerian government because it is illegal. We will continue to fight its military and the police because they are not protecting Islam. However, in February , recently arrested Boko Haram officials revealed that while the group initially relied on donations from members, Downloaded by [the Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford] at 19 January its growing foreign links opened it up to more funding from groups in Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.

In particular, using suicide bombers and explosives has intensified the ferocity of the sect and led to speculation in some quarters that the group might be linked to Al Qaeda. They assist us and we assist them. We want to make it known that our jihadists have arrived in Nigeria from Somalia where they received real training on warfare from our brethren who made that country ungovernable. This time round, our attacks will be fiercer and wider than they have been. For one thing, Boko Haram provides Al Qaeda with an avenue to expand its operations in Africa, should the two groups be- come affiliated organizations.

Leaders of both organizations have publicly pledged mutual support. Agbiboa jihad being fought by Boko Haram with the global jihad. The need for a study of the external dimensions of Boko Haram has become all the more important because of the recent alleged link between the group and the developments in Mali and the entire Sahel region. In , the U. There are separate factions within the movement who disagree about tactics and strategic directions, competing at times for attention and followers.

House of Representatives report on Boko Haram, one faction of the group might be focused on domestic issues and another on violent international extremism. Another report indicated that the group may have even split into three factions: one that remains moderate and welcomes an end to the violence; another that wants a peace agreement; and a third that refuses to negotiate and wants to implement strict Sharia law across Nigeria. Yet another Boko Haram splinter group in Nigeria, headed by a man that goes by the pseudonym Abu Usamatul Ansar, has pledged to defend the interests of Muslims in Africa, claiming a different understanding of Jihad and vowing to avenge the killing of Muslims.

The victims, who were French, were abducted in Cameroon. These two approaches are explained below. The Carrot Approach This approach involves political negotiation or dialogue with all stakeholders in the conflict. Downloaded by [the Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford] at 19 January At the state level, the carrot approach has involved overtures and rapprochements to Boko Haram extremists. For example, former governor of Borno state Ali Modu Sheriff allegedly paid the sum of N million, or six hundred twenty thousand U.

On 16 September , former president Olusegun Obasanjo held talks with some Boko Haram members in their birthplace and stronghold, the northeastern city of Maiduguri, where they tabled demands for a cease-fire that included an end to arrests and killings of their members, payments of compensation to families of sect members killed by security personnel, and prosecution of policemen responsible for the killing of group leader Mohammed Yusuf in June But contact was broken by Boko Haram, who accused the Nigerian state of bad faith after the media got wind of the talks.

However, the group, which gave the name of the arrested sect member as Abu Dardaa, denied that Qaqa had been arrested. They proclaimed dialogue and are doing the opposite. His arrest has proven to us that they were waiting for us to avail ourselves so that they can arrest us. There is no dialogue that is going on anywhere. Agbiboa government officials, religious authorities, and human rights activists.

He said the cease-fire would soon be signed publicly with the group. However, Boko Haram has denied entering into any cease-fire agreement with the Federal government.

Boko Haram allegedly issue a threat against South Africa

Downloaded by [the Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford] at 19 January The Quran teaches that we must shun democracy, we must shun the constitution, [and] we must shun western education. In the video, played for journalists at the Banquet Hall of the Presidential Villa in Abuja, the Boko Haram members said though Allah enjoins them to fight enemies and infidels, he also enjoins them to accept dialogue whenever requested.

The jury is still out on the authenticity of this cease-fire agreement. The security operatives reportedly killed 18 Boko Haram members and arrested several others. This violent state repression failed to deter the militants. Instead, it encouraged the group to strategize and diversify its techniques. Later the police launched a counterattack, during which 24 members of the group were allegedly killed and 22 rifles and large quantities of ammunition were recovered. In Borno State, for example, JTF resorted to extralegal killings, dragnet arrests, and intimidation of the hapless Borno residents.

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But Baga residents have accused the JTF, not Boko Haram, of firing indiscriminately at civilians and setting fire to much of the fishing town. The only alternative to war is peace and the only road to peace is negotiations. From discussions in the article, it may be deduced that Boko Haram has become arguably the most serious problem confronting the Nigerian state today, with consequences going beyond security into the political and socioeconomic aspects of governance in the country.

The latter has complicated the task of the Amnesty Committee and made it difficult to win the confidence of Boko Haram, which is crucial in bringing them to the negotiating table. Can anyone speak for Boko Haram, particularly if it proves increasingly fragmented and prone to the emergence of splinter groups like Ansar al Muslimin fi Bilad al Sudan The Defenders of Muslims in West Africa? Agbiboa a volte-face? Does the group have grievances and demands that an amnesty program could feasibly address? Some are also in the armed forces, the police and other security agencies.

This will show the group that the government is sincere about its willingness to dialogue. What Nigeria has lacked so far is a viable concept of strategic counterterrorism that will guide her actions, help undermine the recruitment of terrorists, and change the environment they inhabit into increasingly non-permissive one. In collaboration with the state and local governments the federal government should undertake a grassroots socioe- conomic empowerment programme aimed at employment generation and human security.

Moreover, military action against terrorist targets often causes the deaths of innocents, no matter how much care is taken. A military strategy does not only provide terrorists with critical experience in tactics, but forces them to create new networks of support as a form of survival strategy.

A non-killing strategy that perseveres in political dialogue is likely to win the trust of the Boko Haram leadership, which is crucial to bringing them to the negotiating table. Notes 1. Daniel E. This is not the first time that Goodluck Jonathan has declared a state of emergency in some parts of northern Nigeria.

In December , Jonathan declared a state of emergency over some limited local government areas in the north, after a church bombing blamed on Boko Haram killed hundreds of people, but he lifted it in July Africa Report, No. Besides Quaddiriya and Tijjaniya, there are different Islamic sects in Nigeria among which are Derika, the Izala, the Kaulu Kablu , the Muslim Brotherhood, and several other splinter groups.