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Looking at Services in Task Manager for Windows 8.x

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How will this work with Media Center and a tv tuner? Currently in Win 7 my account does not use a password since Media Center wakes my laptop from sleep to record shows. With Win 8 and a Live ID log on, I wouldn't be able to do that since each wake from sleep would require a password right? Then none of my shows would get recorded. So I could not use my Live ID to log on, but get none of the benefits. I don't like the idea that Windows Live ID is the only choice if you want to synchronize all your stuff. There should be other possible implementations by Google, Yahoo, facebook….

Microsoft should let the user choose the ID and synchronization stuff provider…. Will be extremely cool for htpc's. I can start watching a movie on the htpc attached to the living-room-tv and then watch it where i left off in the bedroom.. I didn't get to finish my comment earlier, as my first comment was too long and I didn't have time to post the second one.

Anyway, if you think that Metro on desktops is better than the desktop, I do have some arguments against that notion, if you are willing to hear them. As for the actual idea of signing in with a Live ID, this is an impressive new step for Windows. Imagine being able to use somebody else's computer like your own. This is an excellent new idea. The only problem: this design is dependent on the Metro interface, which is not the interface that I plan to use on a desktop.

I spend almost all of my time in Windows 8 in the desktop, and the Start Screen and the entire Metro UI seems somewhat pointless. Most Metro apps aren't as capable as desktop apps, and I see no reason to use them, or even the Start Screen when better options exist today for desktop users. Great feature, one that will certainly see a lot of usage! It sounds like security was given a strong priority, which is greatly appreciated. Thanks for the great post! Great Post. In the first chart, is the y-axis supposed to be "Number of Users" rather than "Number of Users Accounts"?

Yeah exactly, the same way Google provides full integration with Azure?

Microsoft quietly rewrites its activation rules for Windows 10 | ZDNet

You are just another troll JAT …. The photo password thing looks nice, but be careful with it… if anyone sees you sign in ONCE, they'll instantly know your password. Question: Do you sync internet favorites from the desktop IE as well? If you do, this will be amazing! Where is these settings saved? Is there any place that I can manage these settings or remove some of them, select which settings are applied to a PC or maybe go back in time a few versions back?

Also I can revert my bookmarks to an older version sth like a repository. This is great when something goes wrong and I want to go back and fix it. Like system restore. I don't want all my machines to suffer from some simple mistake I make! You get what I mean…. Another area that I'm interested in is how much bandwidth is this feature using? I mean it's great to have synced info but if it's causing too much of my bandwidth maybe I don't want that or maybe I want to turn sync off for a little while OR maybe I want to tell it to sync on a schedule for instance nightly sync.

I think there should be a section in control panel to allow users to choose these types of options. What do you thing??!! Sorry, I haven't read the whole article. Some of my questions are answered actually in the article like: is there anywhere that I can choose what is shared?

But a few remain:. I've noticed after reinstalling the Developer Preview Hyper-V caused an irreversible problem with GPU drivers which made videos not render and Flash to crash in all browsers when using hardware accelerated video that some of these settings like show file extensions and disabled colored folder names were automatically synced which I loved. Also is it possible to re-assign drive letters with sync for drives that isn't the home drive? Am impressed that Microsoft is finally paying attention to user feedbacks. Love Windows 8, Love Microsoft.

I think this is a great idea, but please don't forget to accommodate users with less than perfect internet service. If you internet service is down, can you still log in to your PC? If not, it's a non-start in many regions just like Active Desktop was. Sounds nice. Add syncing settings with Skydrive and you've got a powerful cloud-based service. Sounds great…. This is really exciting!

I'd been hoping beyond hope that a feature like this would come to life, and here it is! The Windows Live support in the Developer's Preview could have been better, but that's understandable, and I'm sure you all are working hard to improve it. Please give us paranoid ones two or three factor authentication options. Google has a good start with their two-factor authentication; let's see Microsoft one-up them. That would make my day. I love that you have made some form of a roaming profile available and I think it will be great for most users. I have a few things I would love to see in the final build.

I have a slide show background. All total the images are just under 2MB. Will all of the images be synced or just the first one? Since you set aside 2MB for a background, could you update the feature to sync the first 2MB worth? I would like to see a setting or a new Mesh option to allow me to use skydrive space I'll buy more if needed and Mesh to have full roaming profiles without Active Directory. You can determine how the feature behaves for your scenarios by trying it out — just install a 64 bit build and enable hyperv, then create any number of VMs and you can watch features sync across or just install two vms using your perferred VM solution.

This is the most critical issue, and nothing else the team has done will matter if this UI doesn't work out. Will Metro be optional on desktops or run like an app launched from the Start Menu? If the answer is no, please reconsider. Steven Sinofsky: I've got the Developer Preview on two machines and it works really well for the various scenarios mentioned in the above posts.

Can we expect a better integration of Live Messenger into Windows 8? For instance, a subtler way to chat? At least, in Vista, one had the choice to make Live Messenger and Live Mail windows invisible when they were minimized. Since Windows 7, those programs are always visible as long as they are open. That is really annoying 2 more windows in an already full list of open windows. And please don't miss this huge opportunity to give us a strong built-in password manager, which would keep record not only of those passwords used in a browser but also of local passwords and would not only suggest them but have the option to automatically log in.

Such a built-in password manager would be a great asset when integrated with those Live sync functionalities you just presented. What happens to my settings if I upgrade from Windows 7? Are they also synced to the cloud if I provide a Live ID, or does it only work for fresh installs? If so, how do you intend to handle conflicts? So your recording will still happen. Yes, you can log-in without immediate network access, just like you can login without ActiveDirectory access on a domain joined PC. Something tells me if you are reading this blog, earning the money is not going to be a problem :.

In make it simple. If consider how easy it is to hack passwords online many of us have also learned to protecting the accounts with stronger credentials based on the risk and some of us even using password-generators for do this job, and for remember we then using password managers, anyhow that's how I been taught to do.

By now this means we will probably get more Live accounts online with easy predictable passwords? If there is something I wish complain about in Microsoft's innovations on behalf for peoples personal security that must be Login Live ID on Windows 8 and I must say I'm against it because of the risk by using easy passwords. It's only this by using written passwords, not the other ideas in recognition with pictures which seems more safe. If MS want us to use our Live id for more and more things, they really need to give us the ability to change the email address of our Live ID.

Mines a hotmail account I haven't used for a long long time. And how embarrassing is it to write hotmail. Jon DeVaan [Microsoft] — Thats great…. All of this is turning out to be much more complicated than ever before. But I guess the security landscape has also changed, so cannot be so critical about all those different options to login, the secondary security options and so on…. The user experience is simple, should remain simple, that is the key point. Even in a predicament, where the security has been compromised, the user should feel at ease, comfortable and confident about the steps that they need to follow to get it remedied.

Cool feature!! Wow, thats a kool stuff. Would be great if those settings are seamlessly roamed to Windows 7 and Xbox as well. Nice job Microsoft. Since Windows live does not apply the restriction like one-user-one-account. For each user account In Windows 8, would we be able to change the liveID association at the later stage? What will happen to the settings, would they be migrated between the accounts within the cloud or would it be re-syncd via my machine? Like I have 2 accounts on Windows Live.

After few months, for some reason, I wana use my other account to replace the current one for roaming. This is a nice feature for home usage, But as an IT pro I have a bit experience with roaming profiles and the experience isn't always great and can seriously slow down logons and causing profile corruption.

Did you consider this and made improvements over traditional roaming in order not to affect logon? Another question I've is about the corporate scenario: You say admins are in control, which is great but what if a company wants to use this kind of feature but keep the data on site. Are you thinking about this? It would be a great if you could set up a similar mechanism with sharepoint or office using my sites and maybe also allowing redirection of folders towards mysite? I do think that this solution would be great for many smaller companies but for the larger enterprises I believe they'll more likely to keep data on their private cloud and so I hope to see some improvements for that as well.

Thanks, Kris. Ok, probably because you can't reliability determine which files and registry keys you have to sync. As usual with Microsoft, good idea and poor implementation. Since my PC is physically protected, the login password does not need to be strong, in the opposite, it needs to be week for convenience. Even I can easily develop an app to sync settings of my desktop app to and from the cloud in Windows 7!

This is certainly not confined to Metro apps, but the approach is little different.. Tuwogaka, I guess you need to watch again the keynotes or try using Windows 8 to get rid off any ambiguities. You can certainly have a pictures password or local account and associate Live account with it. So it would work as a SSO on windows 8. Steven What happens when Internet connection is down for some reason.

Can i still login offline on my PC??? In all honesty dude, you are not allowed to say that I am in "control" of my pc while you are forcing full-screen stuff for the visually impaired down my throat on my big monitors on my desktop. I love everything you have done in windows 8. But you are ruining it all by deleting the start menu. Personally, if I buy a new pc and it ships with 8 with a crippled desktop , then the first thing I'll do is format and install windows 7. All your blog posts are certainly awesome, but none of these are addressing the ONLY concern users have at the moment.

What do you think to do with Server edition, I guess you will exclude Metro UI from it, so why don't let the user choose also on desktop editions. As a researcher in computer science I really need a traditional desktop. Start using Windows 8 for days constantly, and you will start loving metro and easily feel comfy with it.. If you don't believe it now, you just remember it and recall it when win8 goes GA and you will see everyone including you, your customer and an average Joe, all using Windows 8 Metro..

Dude, I take offense at your assumptions that I'm just trolling or complaining without trying it out. I downloaded win8 preview 1 hour after it was posted online and wrote 3 metro applications since then. There is no pointe whatsoever in having full screen applications with 40pt fonts and enormous buttons on a desktop with 2 28" monitors. Metro is great for small touchscreens.

It's completely worthless on big non-touch desktops. People who don't realise this are quite frankly people who don't do serious work on their pc. I'm at work now. As I'm typing this I have 7 applications open of which 4 are permanently active. It's distracting, it breaks the workflow, it defeats the purpose of windowS, it breaks multi-tasking. One thing that would be cool though from a security view is if the on-screen keyboard could change for password fields to include special chars etc without shift. As it is, it's a pain in the ass to type a secure password at the moment.

Hence 'pass'…! As for this video, one thing I've alwas wanted but have been too scared to ask for is that I only need to type my Live id once per session… Very, very, very cool!!! Yeah, it's a shame that blog entries explaining features that are indeed interesting are filled with comments with justified concerns about Metro on the desktop. I think it's a pretty good indication that it doesn't matter how good the rest of the operating system is, forcing Metro on us it's going to be a clear deal-breaker for many people, me included.

It's about the enormous buttons. Also SkyDrive should be automatically mapped as network drive when i sig-in. For English United Kingdom , AM and PM are the only values in the dropdowns so I have to enter mine manually rather than selecting values from the somewhat useless combos , even though "a. I think it takes 10 minutes to manually sync the desktops. I've never had any problems with doing this. One may call me conservative, but this feature feels wrong. It seems like you want to trick everybody into giving their personal info.

Well, it can be used for this and that's bothering me. An interesting feature. I know it's technically easy, but there must be a standard way to do it embedded in the AppX file, and integrated with the other settings , so Microsoft, please add desktop app settings synchronization to Windows 8. Pleaseee… we're not going to throw away thousands of desktop apps just because Metro is so cool. I think the obvious way here would be to add new API's through which desktop applications can save settings which would allow these settings to be stored online.

Visual Studio code should then be changed so that it automatically loads VS settings from the cloud upon booting the applications when logged in with a live ID. But indeed, this only highlights even further how seperated both subsystems are. And this only raises even more questions on the fact that metro is being pushed into desktop computing.

I really hope the account recovery bit is well thought out. My eight-year-old son forgot his Live ID password recently and we were unable to recover the account. We logged a call with the Live folk, but despite providing details of the emails that would be in his inbox, fact that it was part of a Live custom domain and family safety setup with my account as the "parent" I was unable to get them to reset the password. In the end we had to reset the account and start again.

I don't fancy doing that if suddenly the account is holding so much more importance. Aroush is somewhat off-topic with his discussion about the start menu, but he makes a good point. There is something missing in the current way programs can be access to. The search command could be an alternative, but not as it works at present. Two major improvements are needed for the search window to become an effective replacement to the Windows 7 start menu. One must be able to get to it without leaving the active window and also to make it interact with open windows like pining up an app from the apps list to the taskbar.

The apps list would then look a lot like the WP7 apps list: alphabetical, vertical-oriented, with a search bar and with fundamental buttons like the Power button. The metro start page should more serve as a full screen taskbar than as an exhaustive start menu. One doesn't want to fill the start page with all installed apps, but one doesn't want to lose the old start menu completeness. Just start typing in the Metro Start Screen, and you get what you want. No need to even click anything. The tiles are dynamic, and provide information at just a glance, instead of just sitting there doing nothing.

Those who think that Metro apps are not as powerful as desktop apps are terribly wrong. So far, we've only seen sample apps which are really basic. But by the time Windows 8 is released, there will be plenty of powerful Metro apps like Office In a couple of years, I think we'll see Metro styled Photoshop-like apps too.

So, the classic desktop is dead. Metro is the future. However, I think for Windows 8 there will be an option for the Luddites to disable the Metro UI completely, and use the boring old classic desktop.

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But Metro is going to be the default UI — for desktops, laptops and tablets. I have two windows live IDs, one hotmail. If I use one of them as my Windows logon, then I can't access the other email at all! Any time I sign out of Hotmail, if I try to sign back in, it automatically chooses the same address. I'm never given the opportunity to use the other one. I could probably take care of that in Hotmail by attaching the two, but I don't really want to. Very nice feature, but it would be awesome if it was Facebook instead of Windows Live. Just imagine it! Your account image will be your Facebook one, you will be able to share everything with just one tap from your browser or from apps and let your friends know what you love in a second.

Imagine logging in in your apps and website using the power of Facebook. Well, having Facebook as login would be way better. PS: those are things you can already do, but in that way you'll do the same things in an easier and faster way. Please do not force users to use Microsoft Passport I still call it by old name. I tested it and I can logon which my password even if I have no internet access.

That means you do never have to use it. In other words users are NOT being forced to use it. As I understand the synchronization of settings and personal data is available only for Metro style apps right and not for regular Win32 apps unless they use a domain with roaming user profiles? Enable the scenario for workgroup PCs too. I wish you would make an xp theme. I had the animated opening and closing and translucent borders and the classic theme is garbage. I and millions of other just want it to look like xp.

I am not price sensative. Please listen. Please give us an alternative way to get into the Boot Manager, maybe retaining the F8 key. We have designed the sync feature to be as efficient as possible. We only sync when something has changed, and then only sync the setting that has changed. In the end, the user has control by choosing what is being synced and whether they want settings to sync on metered networks e.

Scheduled sync is not available to end users. We do our best to get your settings in the cloud as quick as we can while still keeping bandwidth down and user experience is great. But from the usability POV, it would be more convenient, if we have option to turn toggle between Metro-first and Desktop-first choices. If its Desktop first, then start menu should be appeared, when windowKey is pressed and Metro environment acts like an app avenue to other metro apps.. I love the fact that Windows live will integrate with Windows 8, but I wondered about the web version of Windows Live, particularly the calendar.

Are there plans to make the colors for calendars brighter, or colors more enhanced? The colors as they are now are almost pastel or faded in color. I love all the Windows Live services, esp. Just a small request really and I know that Windows 8 is the next big thing, but I wondered if Live web was getting an upgrade.

Aroush, i'm some what on your side. I haven't tried dev preview myself as i can't run it in my virtual box or on Xen and i don't have spare machine, but from what i've seen Keynote is a good example , they are trying to perceive everyone that jumping from desktop to start screen and back is very productive and "will grow on you".

Yes, i need my desktop to do my job with plenty of applications in the taskbar, windows tiling next to each other, etc. Can't see our project managers mainly office apps and a few web services doing this and mostly sure my boss will forbid to enable Metro for them. They don't need another learning curve which won't give any feasible benefits, so why bother them? But it feels that this won't change and there won't be any easy switch without losing some of the functionality. We will probably buy new PCs with Win8 and downgrade to Win7 and they will count it as Win8 sales and then release statistics about thrilling Win8 sales numbers.

Yeah, we've bought around Win7 PCs in recent years and all of them were downgraded to Vista we have reasons. Count that. On the topic. Auto joining to mail and other services doesn't sound so thrilling to me either. I wish there could be a setting to select which settings should auto-sign this should probably eliminate the problem with dual Live ID's on the same account, why should i register another account to let someone check their inbox in my IE?

In real life you sometimes lend your PC to browse for something or do some quick stuff and you will have to sign out everywhere to be sure they won't see something they shouldn't. On the domain part i too hope that Live ID syncing will be disabled for domain accounts by default. I'm curious about the WWAN comment. Most home users, in my experience, are using wireless networking with laptops at home these days and the comment would seem to indicate that they would therefore not get synced by default.

This seems odd to me, given that most people also won't know how to go in and change the settings to enable this. Shouldn't syncing happen regardless if I'm on my "home" network, even if that happens to be a wireless network? Kevin — they are re-writing the Windows Live Services as Metro Apps including the calendar — as shown in the keynote channel9. In Windows 8 we are working on a Metro style Messaging application that will offer lightweight, modern way to IM. Windows 7 specifies that running applications and launchers must be in the taskbar, not the system tray, which in Windows 7 is less prominent compared to Vista and previous versions of Windows.

Overall this change has been well received, especially by heavy IM users. However if you want the old behavior you can run Messenger in "Vista Mode" and it will minimize back to the system tray. To do this, find Messenger in your Start Menu, right-click Properties, go to Compatibility, and enable "Run this program in compatibility mode" with "Windows Vista" selected. We will take this under advisement. You would still need to install those on each PC. Roaming on your Wifi WLAN network at home or elsewhere is turned on by default and will work automatically. When we talk about WWAN, we are referring to cellular technologies e.

It is however very easy to turn roaming on for 3G and other metered networks in Control Panel. This is an impressive feature, one that Windows has needed for a long time.

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  • It will be nice when users can finally sit down in front of a completely foreign computer and use it like their computer at home or at work. My only complaint is that this feature seems tied to Metro. Many users including me do not like Metro and are just waiting for Microsoft to add the option to make it optional. I, for one, would like to see the option to make Metro a windowed program with a fixed size made available before Windows is even finished installing. That way, I could use the Desktop with the Start menu just like I always have, and only use Metro when I need to use a Metro-style app.

    This "disable Metro" option could even be linked to the Live ID setup presented here. Is there any chance of this happening? A little off-topic, but it would be great if we have an option to synchronize the favorite or bookmarked sites and folders categories between SkyDrive and IE for Windows 7 and older versions , so my favorites are always accessible wherever I go, via IE built-in support and Bing bar if using some other browser or platform. Windows 7 is capable of doing what you are fancying. Windows 8 has new approach towards application usage.

    Free, small and useful software for Windows.

    Many people like this new idea and having both worlds side by side, hence making the transition smooth for the later versions of Windows. So legacy old school folks can fathom the transition. Not like other vendors who really don't care about legacy users and bluntly change everything and force you to accept it. Windows, however, is justifying it by facilitating desktop apps and metro apps both. And I hope to see the integration of desktop app with metro style app to extend this transition at app level. There is one problem with this "accept Metro or stick to Windows 7" approach. As for the "new approach towards application usage," it may be "new," but this doesn't mean that it's good.

    Metro has many inherent flaws that will need to be corrected, and correcting these flaws goes beyond simply adding a Metro taskbar or letting users close programs. As for having the two user interfaces side by side, this makes Windows 8 feel like using two separate computers.

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    • You don't really think that Metro apps will replace all desktop apps, do you? Will Windows 11 be desigend in Metro apps? I think the answer is "no.

      Windows Phone Store

      One more thing: when did the desktop become "legacy? Do you really think that the desktop will be gone ten years from now? Do you really think we need an enhanced cell phone interface powering our computers? If you do, I wonder what you do on your computer that makes Metro look so good. In my experience, I spend almost all my time in the desktop, and never really have any reason to open a Metro app other than when I want to see what the app is like.

      As for other non-app elements of Metro, these are not designed for mice and keyboards, and despite Microsoft's attempts to make it work, there is still the inherent issue in that Metro is not designed for PC's. If metro is gonna fail. No one from industry is going to develop for Metro UX. Also, software engineering has reached the level where you can work in such a modular approach that you don't need to replicate it for multiple environments. And it doesn't hurt the developers, since the toolkits are also evolving accordingly to the satisfactory level.

      But if it's just a matter of choice and you don't like it personally, my advice; stick to Windows 7. If you want me to, I can make a detailed list of every issue I have with Metro. This is not senseless complaining, but sound advice and a description of real usability problems in Windows 8. As for sticking with Windows 7, I probably will if the final version of Windows 8 functions like the Developer Preview. I think you should read this: billwagner. I'm not sure this post applies here. This person's experience with the Developer Preview is based on the Samsung preview tablet.

      My experience is based on using it on a desktop PC, with a discrete computer, mouse, keyboard, monitor, and speakers. This is a huge difference. My main problem with Metro is that it is more of a reversal in the Tablet vs. PC formula than an upgrade. Instead of having a PC interface on tablets, we get a tablet interface on the PC. Metro was designed for tablets, not PC's, and no amount of minor adjustments or marketing will change this fact. Metro has many issues in usability, even though I know how to use it. I do not benefit from having "chromeless" programs on my computer and right-clicking every time I want to display the UI.

      As for the Start Screen, it is interesting, but too fragmented compared to the Start Menu. Even when I know where everything is and how it works, the entire platform seems fundamentally flawed. People don't want to change how they use PC's. Tablets and desktops are fundamentally different. Yes, the Metro Tablet UI has a place on desktops, but it is not the default interface.

      Embedded in UEFI Firmware

      Microsoft learned that you can't just take a UI designed for one input method and convert it to work with another with Windows XP Tablet PC edition and Windows 7 tablets. The worst part is that they seem to be repeating their mistake by converting a tablet UI to work on PC's, but this affects far more users than the tablet blunder did. Yes, I can use Metro, but it generally gets in the way. Window layout is defintely a better solution. When designing Windows, the team should always ask "How would we do this if we designed from the ground up assuming tablets didn't exist? I accidentally submitted my comment twice.

      I assure you, this was a mistake, not an attempt to make my post more readable. As for the comments above, I hope I haven't offended anyone. I am the type of person who usually says what I think, but if I said too much, went too far off-topic, or sounded rude, I apologize. The performance feels wrong. The crispness is missing. The ease of use is missing. On desktops, it's the other way around.

      It is Metro this is "clearly a compatiblity play. The crispiness is missing. This is my main problem with Windows 8, and the reason why I think that Metro should be secondary to the desktop on desktop PC's. Wow — so what it's gonna be? Microsoft OS 8? Why are you doing this things with windows OS?

      What for? Do you wanna use mac os x with os windows logo or something like that? For anyone who is confused, the "I read the author's comments" comment is a quote from the author of the post Harry Steinhilber linked to, followed by my own reaction to the quote. Everything outside the quote contains my own ideas, not those of the post author. Does pressing the Refresh button resubmit the comment without asking for my permission?

      Even when I've tried to avoid this, there are still problems. This is the third time now that I've accidentally posted duplicate comments on this site. Is there any way to remove the duplicates? They interfere with the flow of comments and make it harder to read everything.

      I don't see this as at all useful. Settings aren't difficult to put onto a new PC. The difficulty comes in when you need to move files and install programs. This can port Metro programs, but Metro programs are utterly useless. It's MY computer, let me side-load apps however I want. Android can do it, I'm sure you can do it too.

      My Hotmail serves as my spam address for anyone I don't trust not to redistribute my email address. Metro is the future , it's moderne and fresh. All the "benefits" you mentioned really only apply to metro applications. Which is fine. But none of it applies to the desktop. I could type and hit "enter" to do anything I wanted without that search function covering up my entire screen in win7.

      Applications like photoshop that expose a gazillion commands would be severely crippled in metro style due to the big fonts, big buttons and the room that is needed between them a finger is many times the size of a mouse pointer. Never gonna happen. Just like I guarantee you that we will never see a fully featured metro office. We will see a dumbed down one. Take of your blinders and realise that people who WORK with a pc don't care about the flashy interface or angry birds.

      They care about usability, multi-tasking, efficiency, workflow,…. You ask mt to post in the appropriate thread. I'ld do the same, but the problem is that a post on this topic doesn't exist. I'ld be most interested in reading one. Everywhere I talk about this, I'm met with deafening silence from microsoft. I'm not really sure what else I can do to get some comments on my concerns. The only problem is that freaking start button. It makes no sense.

      Just put the start menu back in and replace the shut-down button with a Metro button to return to the start screen and for consistency: only put metro tiles on the metro screen including one to go to the desktop. To use mt's words from the win8 forum: "can I also spend all my time on the desktop? Performance is more than satifying — As for Windows Live ID integration — it works smoothly with minimum user input.