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Author: Michael H. Practitioners, facilities, and researchers encounter repeated requests from patients regarding the use of complementary and integrative medicine CIM and there are few who do not know the benefits of its use. But the legal aspects of prescribing or denying CIM treatment are new and harder to navigate, requiring the guidance of lawyers, policy makers, and other practitioners. Based on interviews with over 20 health care providers and facilities who have successfully combined integrative medicine in their practices, this book outlines the pitfalls, legal road-blocks, and benefits of bringing complementary and integrative medicine into daily health care routines.

Interview Questions Policies and Procedures B. Centers Interviewed C. Clinic Characteristics D. Guidelines for Dietary Supplements E.


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Epub The Practice Of Integrative Medicine A Legal And Operational Guide

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The Practice of Integrative Medicine: A Legal and Operational Guide

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Expert evidence. Subscription service. Sydney: Lawbook; Ch Rian HM. An alternative contractual approach to holistic health care.