Land of Burned Out Fires

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You can be fined, and your dogs or hunting equipment taken away, if you break the law.

Fox hunting with terriers - Fox digging and predator control - Ultimate Hunting

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Fox Hunting

Animal right groups are very happy with this and they continue to try to educate people against wearing clothing made from the fox or other animals. Humans continue to build homes and businesses in areas that were once open to the fox.

The fox will get into trash and into gardens where humans are growing food. They will also kill chickens and livestock in order to have food to survive.

Foxhunting ban being ignored, say environmental groups

All of these issues have made the fox an enemy in the eyes of humans that live in these areas. They use a variety of methods to hunt them in these locations. They include using guns to kill them and traps to capture them. Those that are trapped may be killed or they may be relocated to other environments.

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The use of poison is a common method for hunting them as well. In spite of all of the hunting efforts out there, the fox seems to be thriving in the majority of environments out there.

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