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Chris resides in Brooklyn, NY where he balances his time leading his solo project, playing live shows with a diverse range of artists, and performing for studio sessions. Originally from Asheville, NC, Chris' musical obsession began as a child with early interests in the Beach Boys, hip-hop cassettes, and learning the clarinet and electric guitar.

Matanzas Massacre

Over time the saxophone became central to his music making. The Brand New Shoes are a three piece group of 14 and 15 year old musicians that hail from Chicago, Illinois. Steely Dane. Shows consist of hits and deep cuts and sometimes even complete albums and are sure to have you out of your seats singing along. Thegroup is co-led by musical directors Dave Adler and Dave Stoler, Madison musicians with a combined history of decades of professional experience, each having a deep affinity for rock and jazz music.

The Last Word Quintet. Front woman Sherri Anne started her music career in Chicago and will be returning to her roots during her fall acoustic tour. The live show combines passionate indie-folk, americana-blues, and touch of world music! Since then, the album has aired on radio throughout North America and Europe and Sister Speak has performed over concerts per year worldwide. Whether solo or as a band, Sister Speak aims to share message-driven music and support the authentic expression of the woman's voice. The First Time: First City.

It pairs our readers' personal stories about a First Time experience with a song performance. This unique structure allows the story to resonate with audience members as they experience the accompanying song covered by our house band, The First Time Four band. The band, has played with musicians including Robbie Fulks, Ian Hunter, Kelly Hogan, Nora O'Connor and more, and takes special care to perform unexpected song arrangements of said covers.

Leonard Pitts: Sylville Smith, racial martyr

It is hard to tell what the audience enjoys more each story or each song. Yacht Rockettes. The world's first and only female lead yacht rock cover band, bringing you lovers all the smooth rock of the 70s and early 80s. Thequintet Ryan Murphey banjo , Justin Wallace lead vocals and mandolin , JohnBrighton violin , Jesse Farrar lead vocals and bassist andGraham Curry guitar havecontinued to hone anddeveloptheir sound throughrelentlesstouring,cultivating a steadfast fanbase drawn to their high-energy shows.

Louis MO and Belleville, Illinois roots outfit. The dark, but heartfelt song features triple-layered guitar harmonies, stacked vocals anda group sing-along that recalls last call at a corner pub in the rust belt, a fitting closing tothis musically diverse and compelling release. JAM presents Louder Than A Mom.

Matanzas Massacre

Louder Than a Mom because everyone has a depressing, shocking, miserable, vulgar, hilarious family story! Storytelling is one of the oldest human traditions. Come and share yours. We all love a good bedtime story!! Mentalease is a 3 piece band of humans that make music like robots. Formed in Chicago, Mentalease engages with topics of technology, existentialism, and society. Now based in the flourishing musical oasis of Nashville, TN, Ben and the band have maintained a massive touring schedule, cutting their teeth playing coast to coast in clubs, theaters, and festivals.

Sparaco spent his teen years making a name for himself in the jam scene of the southeast, having played with the likes of Oteil Burbridge Dead and Company, The Allman Brothers Band , G. Blotto Acoustic Trio. Moonalice is a band of seasoned musicians who feel that live music should be a communal experience where the listener and musicians feed and derive inspiration from each other. Their songs try to speak to everyone, mixing a variety of genres with extended musical improvisations that evoke a sense of adventure and exploration.

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They invented Twittercast concerts, which are free broadcasts to fans over social networks. Their single, "It's Somewhere" has been downloaded more than 5 million times. They broadcast every show live via satellite in HD, so that fans can enjoy them on their iPhone, iPad or Android without an app.

Grateful Dead crew, co-founder of the Jerry Garcia Band. Bumpin Uglies spawned from an Annapolis, MD scene awash in musical history over a decade ago. They are rooted in East Coast ska, punk, and reggae, making their mark up and down the Eastern Seaboard. In the past ten years, Bumpin Uglies have worked to carve out their path by relentlessly touring, and releasing one album after another. With each release came more focus, more creativity and more desire to always experiment and try new things with their music.

Ineffable is a name synonymous with the likes of Collie Buddz, Stick Figure, The Movement, and many other prominent artists. With fellow Maryland rocker Howi Spangler of Ballyhoo! Bumpin Uglies is on fire with no end in site. Great Moments in Vinyl presents Stevie Wonder's 'Songs in the Key of Life'. Great Moments in Vinyl takes the tribute experience to a new level. Every concert, we choose a pair of memorable albums and perform them in their entirety.

And along with the music, we supply a series of stories about the songs and the artists and the times that brought them into being. What was the song that saved U2's career? Who was Bruce Springsteen's "Rosalita"? If The Police started out as a punk band, where did all the reggae flavors come from?

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Why did Elton John wear glasses really? These are the sorts of questions you'll find out the answers to when Great Moments in Vinyl takes the stage. And you'll hear some exceptionally well played music as well. Averaging over one hundred shows a year — The Jauntee has quickly made a name for themselves in the New England music scene. Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies. Ephrata Cloister.

Retrieved 28 November Kauffman Museum. Bethel College : Mennonite World Review.


Retrieved 4 July Retrieved 11 June Martyrs Mirror at Wikipedia's sister projects. Such anger — defined as a passionate impatience with unfair status quo — is often a necessary catalyst for progress. But when there is no progress even after long years, anger can intermix with frustration and despair and become something much less constructive. Something that simply explodes.

It is hardly immaterial that an officer was not charged just two years ago in the controversial shooting death of a mentally ill black man. Or that the department is under Justice Department review which, to its credit, it requested. Who will be shocked if that probe finds what other probes have found in cop shops around the country: patterns of institutionalized racism that corrode public trust and impinge the ability of police to do their jobs. Unfortunately, there is a tendency, when such probes are done, to treat the affected department as unique, an outlier. Think of the person who sees a drop of water here, a drop of water there, another drop over there, yet somehow never perceives the storm.

That should tell you something. You get sick of not being heard.